Only Thing That Humanity Needs

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(the whole post stands on one single fact that how we humans stop growing as far as intelligence is concerned at such an early age. So if you have seen this already then stop reading the post and move on because time is precious; but if you haven’t seen or would like to revisit continue…)

Some great spiritual personages say that there is no problem in the world and the wrongness is only in the eye of beholder. If that is so then in the end it doesn’t matter what really we do, whether we just go to sleep or may be build a blog that destroys the underlying beliefs of human mind, because there is nothing wrong in the world and in that case I choose the latter.

Whether reading a newspaper or surfing my locality I find that people are doing many things that they needn’t do in the first place. When asked they have no direct reasons for why anyone should do them but there are underlying reasons because nothing happens by luck. To me doing anything just anything other than searching for truth by destroying ones beliefs and giving bit of time just for survival is idiotic. And yeah, on another hand no act is wrong in itself other than the thought mechanism that compels them to.

A lot of people are thinking a lot, doing a lot for other people and they have been doing since history and most likely they will be doing in the future. What is there to do? What is the thing humanity needs? Factually, I hardly give a damn what the third person is doing but at times by looking at people suffering unnecessarily, it breaks me. I may die tomorrow or maybe I won’t care for humans anymore but for the people on the planet who want to do a serious change, a real change for them it’s a major challenge; which is what is that people really need.

Love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, teachings, great books, teachers, gurus we have experimented with everything yet the basic foundation of human remains flawed. If a super intelligent alien visits this planet and by looking at the people and what they are doing he may keep on laughing for a week or two. Yeah seriously just flip through few pages of newspaper and you may see its same stupid problem everywhere. People are doing sheer nonsense in the name of religion, family, nation, state, society and so on. Today everything is there in the market and one just has to hook onto something and go on living in that ditch forever.

The fundamental problem is people at the deepest level don’t want a major change in their life. Most people literally stop growing at the age of around fourteen and only thing that’s left to do in their life is building up their personality by having a demanding family, a tiresome job and an ever-increasing bank balance. Growth is out of the vision in this current society and that’s really damn fundamental.

As far as Humanity can be viewed the things are likely to go same way. History repeats itself so perfectly that it has achieved to blind us to the fact that we are just another bunch of pawns doing the same age-old drama again and again.

And yet again there is nothing wrong in being optimistic either not as a hope for future but as a real possibility in the present. The only thing anybody in the entire world now, have existed in the past or yet to come in the future, the only thing anybody needed is to be Open to Opening.

Yeah, that’s a real life miracle. If people can be open to anything that comes to his life, open to change, is ready to accept that he can be wrong if he is wrong and that whatever position he is in now currently can be idiotic and needless and so he need to be open to more opening .Only then miracle start happening, that’s because ones open reality magically puts him in the right track. He doesn’t need anyone else to do that. This is the best teaching anyone can give. The parents should teach this to their siblings even before they teach them alphabets and other grammar. They should teach that whatever they (themselves, teachers, elders, etc) are teaching may be right or may be wrong and one must choose it for yourself and remain open as you go along since you can be wrong too. But the parents and teachers are too egoistic to accept that simple fact. Any article, any blog, any website, any book, any teaching just anything devoted to this simple fact is the only thing that’s of any use. What’s more to say than this, anything else will be misleading and we know why. Thus, if that is taken care of sooner or later a person stumbles upon the existential problems and realizes that there is ultimately nothing just nothing in the world that can suffice but truth.

Then everything else follows. Everything.


Ego structure series 3:Relationship

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(Disclaimer: let me be clear at start that in the following post I am not condemning any person or their experience of love, kindness, friendliness in any relationship they had. My interest is only on what comes as aftermath after we had made or try to make relationship)

We want to fill our empty lives with noise more noise and relationships provides you with one. It keeps you engaging out of the real problems of life. As U.G Krishnamurti says it “all the relationships are made but with one intention, what will I get out of it”. Will I able to fill my life with someone else, share my life with someone else, able to boast my knowledge to someone else, able to put some signature on someone, will I be more happy more content with someone and so on.

And it’s a world-wide phenomenon, no matter how much you hide it from your face but it’s visible; that all relationships sooner or later die down. It becomes pale and looses it vigor. That’s why all marriages fail or will fail sooner or later. It may be very ethical but ultimately against our very nature. That’s why there are so many jokes over husband-wife and they didn’t come all by luck.

Nowadays, real friendliness is also missing. We actually make friends so that we can compete and show other that we are better. Any friend can quickly turn into harsh enemy; it’s just because this all relationship is built upon expectation and nothing else; and when expectation fails everything changes.

Stop kidding yourself. We can’t love anyone for eternity, it’s not possible; that happens only in old Hollywood movies. Factually, happiness and relationship gets mutually exclusive sooner or later. The quicker we realize the better.


Ego structure series 2: Maturity

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(the whole post stands on one single fact that ordinary human beings are not matured enough that they think themselves to be. So if you have realized this already then stop reading the post and move on because time is precious; but if you haven’t or would like to revisit continue…)

We have yet another screw notion of maturity. People after they attain a certain age they start to think themselves as matured, which is nothing but ego started understanding the ways of other egos in the society –how to fulfill each other egos and perpetuate the lies around. Haven’t you heard elders saying “be matured”?  It’s beyond imagination how anyone could just ‘be matured’ just like that. Are they saying to act matured? Yes they are of course. That’s the trick of the ego covering the truth as hard as possible. The fact is growing old is confused with growing up. All people grow old and it doesn’t require much of intelligence but growing up is totally different job. Hardly anybody does or cares to grow up.

We don’t have to act matured to be mature rather we have to be more vulnerable to life. Let life move me, change me and if possible destroy me. Maturity isn’t long faces and stiff eye-brows rather it’s about functioning in a state of intelligence that’s factually beyond ordinary ways of thinking. It’s about starting to see things for real, pondering over what’s actually going, rejecting inauthentic desires of ego for the authentic desires of truth, co-creation and intelligence. It’s totally different from what we are taught otherwise. We think sitting inside our comfort zone of our minds we can unravel the whole universe and all we end up is going in circles and it’s just because we don’t allow life to enter us. After all we are talking about existence, the life and then how can we understand life if we don’t allow life to ‘life’ us? This isn’t like living unto our expectations or living by some fixed principles. But it’s about being vulnerable to life and its ways every moment.

So, that’s the way to do it.

Stop living your fear based lives. Experiment, think, and ponder. Allow the real life to enter and then:


That’s Real Maturity.

So growing up or are you just growing old?

Revealing patterns of daily life in extreme situation


(this is for those people who have problems regarding keeping oneself aloof in extreme situations like anger, depression, pain, drug, sex, etc and see what’s actually happening. So if that’s not a problem for you then stop reading this post because time is precious. Or if you have such problems or would like to revisit then continue….)

This experiment is one of the ways in which one can chart out the actual happening in some situation where it becomes difficult to do easily otherwise. Situations like extreme anger, extreme sadness, extreme pain, extreme suffering; or during smoking, taking alcohol, sex-obsession, etc where it becomes very difficult to stay alert in the situation resulting in which we are easily get succumbed into the situation. And no progress.

There is a way to loosen the grip of the situation a bit and side by side figure out what’s actually happening. The way to do is as follows:

Firstly,( this is the important step, failing here then it’s all over)One has to get into the situations or try to at least (the moment we are getting caught in the situations) with the intention of finding the truth-of what’s actually happening or going to happen. The urge to know the truth should be there even in deepest base of your mind but it must be there. If there is an intention even if 1%, even if in the lowest part of your brain then it may work. So now, only one-third of the work is done.

Secondly, See no matter how sunk are we in any particular situation we never get sunk totally. A little bit of flickering alertness remains. Isn’t it? That much will do the trick. When that flickering alertness comes in our vision just see through it what’s happening-just watch what’s going in your mind before your flickering alertness gets lost again. When again it comes back record what’s happening in your mind, emotion, what thoughts are going etc etc. Through it you will able to get bits of pieces of revelations here and there about what is happening-how you are getting caught in those situations? How you are unable to get out? Along those lines—bits and pieces but that will do.

Thirdly, when you have revealed bits of info then (when you are out of the situation i.e. no more depressed, no more taking a pipe …) you have to make a conjecture out of the pieces of info like one string of revealed process of what’s actually happening…just theorize and that will be enough (for example this happens before I get angry, then I got angry, then that happened and then this happened…etc etc) okay? When you have made a conjecture like one string of continuous process and then next time when you are getting caught up you just have to re-live the conjecture like you are testing if that conjecture applies. Does that make sense?

Fourthly, keep testing the conjecture until it becomes totally in tune with what’s actually happening and when that happens there is magic. The revealed knowledge pulls your attention out of the situation.

Finally, that knowledge pulls you out every time you are about to get caught up. It happens because no matter how complex we beings are from outside, from inside same processes (this processes have a name in Vedic tradition it’s called samskaras) are going on again and again and they all very similar.


1) When you made a conjecture and try to test -your attention gets shifted from the situation to the truth behind the situation.

2) if something happens doesn’t fit into conjecture you are instantly aware and you are ready to improve upon the conjecture. So in the situation your total alertness gets pulled from the situation to truth, the actually happening. It takes time though.

3) it appears as if you’re actually living a dream, a drama and it’s tremendously relaxing.

4) you will be able to enjoy more deeply because along with -you will be able to be aware of many other things that you were missing. So it deepens the situation and yet keeps you in an elevated point, totally untouched.

5) technically if done step-wise and with proper it can release deep ingrained mental, emotional problems and it takes only few attempts utmost 5 and after that everything becomes crystal clear and one is just aloof.

6) actually it take some tries to get totally out because of the ingrained habit; but now you are no more investing in the habit so it dries out sooner or later.

7) and it doesn’t take much, so worth a try.


This is the first time I have talked about this experiment, so don’t know about what other people results are. But it had done significant effects in my life. I no more addicted to alcohol, smoking and many other things. I take them if I feel like but they can’t touch me. As far as anger, sadness, depression are concerned it feels like I can channel their energy when it comes to my awareness, monitor, intensify and de-intensify their energy. Sometimes I am surprised how I am even capable of that; but truth is magic, though never said or talked about but truth gives that freedom and in the end we are left with more broadened and playful life, less spicy but deeper and of course with the truth behind the situation.

Hope it works for you as it deed for me.

Fragments of truth: core process of meditation

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There are basically three types of desires or I should say acts that are borne out of human machine. One out of fulfillment and progression of the image that we hold of ourselves, other is the existential desires to survive and reproduce and the third is the curiosity and wonder borne out of meaningless of our knowledge and our quite innate capability to glimpse the unknown. Most people’s lives are congested with first two desires leaving very little or even none for the third. Any act borne out of first two desires is inept to inquire the truth of the situation we all are in. Even if a person musters the third, the chances are very rare that he will stumble upon a way to break free of the conditions normally we are in.

This is the reason why meditation has been seriously mis-understood and mis-used among the usual flocks.

It doesn’t matter whether you are murdering people or doing prayer or doing meditation. It’s never the act that decides the consequences rather the intention behind it. Similarly, meditation can be used and has been used as a way to delude yourselves and made you believe things that aren’t there…heightened awareness, compassion, other worlds, vibrations, etc and you just explain and believe simple things to be something mystical/non-physical.

If your intention is to get to the cutting edge truth about what is actually behind this make-believe stuffs then everything can turn out to be a source of lesson; whole universe becomes the revealer. So if done with right intention the meditation can be a yet cutting edge process.

This process was developed to be aware of what’s going inside us. It originated in India where it was called dhyan meaning ‘inward concentration’ which when reached to China was called Chan and then Zen in Japan; whose true intention centered upon the perception and experience of an individual. Then it was translated to English language as meditation.

According to me, any method that brings your inner world in focus your thoughts, emotions, feelings reflecting your meanings, interpretations, beliefs, assumptions, etc can be called as meditation. The various postures like lotus posture, etc was used as a way to go deeper in this inner world because certain postures were more comfortable and so they stuck; for example sitting in a certain way can be helpful in eating, thinking etc…similarly likely. But many morons thought the postures were destination/intention in itself and so they formed an idiotic world of today’s yoga. It’s the truest fact that only super-duper idiots do yoga, who don’t want to improve upon their intelligence but only want to remain an idiot and improve upon their body and do show off and all that. As far as health issues are concerned a morning walk everyday for an hour is more than enough to keep ones healthy. The fact is NO matter how much yoga/exercise you do this body is continuously aging and all the moment its prone to diseases and weakness and ultimately you cannot prevent its death.


But again you don’t have to call your work/process a ‘meditation’ for it to work. It’s the intention that matters both at the start and in the end and everything else is merely about vehicles and destinations.

Hope it clears a lot.

Level of Falseness

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Falseness is beautiful isn’t it? Feeling of be within some context, gotten chance to function within some context, in a dream pretending everything as real as if things are actually happening as we believe as if this will never end.

Specially, we are not aware the level of problem we are dealing with. Our mind without a second thought and mercy is happy enough to lie and believe. That’s we are doing all our day lying  and believing about everything, about ourselves, about others, about nature of universe etc etc. These continue though our whole life. May be truest of these we have is our animalic instincts-our nature instinct to survive and reproduce. Even we try to cover it with beautiful talks of love, compassion, kindness. When circumstance change we show our true colors. We have always taught to do anything against our very nature to be formal, articulate, smart, polite, mannerly and what not. Sadly enough we use our whole to learn these things. We have always cut out from the basic urge towards life. If we just everyday and just see our entire life, we see how meaningless it is, how stupid and we keep on living our entire lives totally oblivion to us and fill our lives with empty words, personalities, speeches, images, dreams, lies and what not and we continuously maintaining them as if they are some antique piece.

The level of falseness we are caught is beyond possible imagination. Even our imagination can’t be out of falseness. Our minds our thoughts our imagination cannot touch anything real, cannot reflect anything real and all we end up with lies to fill up our empty lives.

We are totally a lie. Lie is all we are.

That what I am.

That’s what you are. That’s what everyone else is. If anyone says otherwise is either totally retard or yet to use his or her brains.

Such rest a bit, just gives a second, just give delusion a chance and you are back where you are started. It doesn’t miss a single moment not lying. That the power of human mind over us it has somehow perfectly developed to fool us and if not stopped if not done something major it keep doing till we are run out of energy and end up in empty graves. Everything— your parents, your society, your nation, your education, your knowledge, your relationship, your whole life are just various ways of lullaby with one single aim of keeping us intact in our roles. The very fact we don’t know ourselves proves it. Hey, just a second have you really considered it? I am honestly not repeating some mantra or self inquiry practice given by some half-minded guru but truly genuinely honestly consider can we really define who we really are? Can we really say what we really are? Just what portion of our body is me? Where is the doer me? Where is this me experiencing. Where is this me?

We really don’t know. And that explains everything. We don’t know ourselves. We can’t define ourselves, we have never given a single thought to it, yet we keep on believing we know something, we know reality, we know universe, we know others.



Instant Truth


“Latest truths are available in the market in many blogs and websites, in facebook even one just has to go there see it, be honest with ourselves and accept it as truth and go on spreading the truth.”

Sounds familiar? Isn’t this what latest people are doing?

Nothing is more comforting and more bliss than we are told that we are enlightened and we are truth realized. Isn’t it?

One just has to hold some piece of shit some great person in the facebook or other sites are giving and one just has to mug up, see everything in the light of that belief and now everything makes sense and we just has to be more non-dual and all that and tad a we have the truth.

Truth isn’t a public business. It can never be sold in communities.

But the temptation is there. What Buddha took 6 years to stumble on, what Mahavira took 12 years to stumble upon we can do it in damn facebook with few chickenshit wisdom. Truth becomes so easy to reach, so easy to grapple. We have to do nothing just say yes and we are done. And soon we will be spreading crazy wisdom shit, how easy, how tempting, and how appealing.

Let me make it very clear…

You can’t attain truth and yet remain an idiot. Wake up; whom are you kidding?

What they are doing is deep heresy so deep that it takes real guts to get inside, see and get out.  Ciaran Healy, the owner of website Ruthless Truth started all this Facebook drama of instant truth. He may not have realized it yet that he has deluded hundreds of people in believing that they had already realized the truth. What they were actually doing is picking up terms from Eastern philosophy like ‘Nothingness’ , ‘void’, ’No-self’ and selling it forcefully as if it’s a thing to put in people’s head. Deep inception was going on. But Ciaran came out smart and honest to see that and so he closed his previous website and all that nonsense and so now he had started something more down to earth something more real but the people whom he had brain-washed are continuing this nonsense in Facebook. They are now writing books, giving seminars and what not. The world is indeed filling up of lot of assholes and very less honest and genuine inquirer is remaining. I understand one can take help from anywhere -facebook even and I hold no grudge against facebook. But the fact that truth can be sold it sugar packets and one just has to learn it and see the world in its light so that everything makes sense is something only a super-retard can believe. That’s just again make-believe. What’s the difference if politician is selling you something or a spiritual master is selling you something? Truth isn’t a perspective and no perspective is true.


Truth isn’t a community business rather a personal business in which you have to pay your life for it. There is no shortcut, No second choice.

Real Brilliance

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(the whole post stands on one single fact that truth and freedom is brilliant and everything else is idiotic and wasting time. So if you have realized this already then stop reading the post and move on because time is precious; but if you haven’t or would like to revisit continue…)

People seem to think that to be brilliant is to be like somebody: be an intelligent person, be a courageous person, be a critical thinker, be a polite man, be strong, be this and be that and that has ended up in developing very screwy notions in people minds. We continuously want to be worthy to be more productive in the society so that we can be praised and be like someone. We want our names to written in the pages of the history. We want to feel our experience of ourselves to be more worthy, more strong and so more real. But that’s not the case. Whole humanity is suffering this same disease and so everyone is doomed. We fight for things that we are not and popularize things that we already are. That’s we are doing all are our lives. Our whole life energy is consumed in holding up this image in eyes of others and ourselves keeping it stable all the time and that’s what is turned to be work of brilliance. More popular one’s image is more brilliant he turns out to be.

But let’s be honest we ourselves. Choosing lies over truth, choosing prison over freedom, choosing home sweet home over the horizons, choosing superstitions over the infinity of never-ending insight, choosing momentary happiness over fulfilled life, choosing pain over easy-flowing, choosing tensions over connectedness, choosing stinking over aliveness… it worth? Is this what you people mean to be brilliant? AAhhhh?

From my side, the answer is no. And NO is in a really big sense.

No matter where we are, what we are and whatever we have been taught to believe otherwise;

We can always flip our choices and then and only then we enter the one never-ending life of:

Real intelligence. Real courage.


Real Brilliance.

Final Desination

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(the whole post stands on one single fact death is certain and it gives meaninglessness to our lives. So if you have realized this already then stop reading the post and move on because time is precious; but if you haven’t seen or would like to revisit continue…)


Do we really live our own lives? Do we?





We are always chasing for something else than living the life we have got. We continuously every moment creating better word would be knitting because creation takes guts which is out of reach for our minds; so we keep on knitting dreams over our previous dreams and playing the dream. The dream stuff is created by lies we have been taught by other and themselves. We try our best not be with ourselves because to be ourselves is the most hurting thing. Many things start to come up which we are preventing. They all just start to bubble up in our consciousness. All our great successes are nothing but great escapes from reality. We all cover our real stuffs we stuffs more appealing, we are having from in this life and we are thinking about past lives, other planes metaphysical-spiritual.

Literally, how many of us really take our time of everyday life and just ponder over our whole life what are we doing. Very few indeed. We have been told not be sad, depressed, etc so that we may never have to realize our situation. We have been continuously fueled by the society to run run and run every time. To put our full force in maintaining this dream and for that we have to pay a huge price:

Our life. Our situation. Our truth.

Here is a nice quote I found lately:

Without our familiar props. we are faced with just ourselves

, person we do not know. an unnerving stranger with whom we

have been living all the time but we never really wanted to

meet. Isn’t that why we have tried to fill every moment of

time with noise and activity. however boring or trivial, to

ensure that we are never left in silence with this stranger on

our own?                  –Sogyal Rinpoche


It’s strange how much we go at times to not face our situation. We never want other people to be sad because when other becomes sad we also feel sad simultaneously, many things that we are all preventing in us also starts to come up and thus we prevent so that we don’t have to fact the only real fact of all our life:

the meaninglessness of our life.

Our dream world builds up one the idea that we may feel real. Our image may feel real that it exists. We continuously paint our image with vivid colors so it may appear real; but its basic foundation is a lie. We are never what we think of us to be. Never.

Only thing that certifies that our life is dream is death. That’s why we have tried our level best and indeed achieved to force death out of our lives.Yeah literally, just wherever you are trying to count how many ways you can die this moment, you will be afraid there would be thousands of ways which you could die any moment .Thats, Death-stamp. It takes way everything; it is already taking away every moment. Don’t be fooled by appearances: all the clocks and watches are nothing but servants to hands to death. Clock is ticking and ticking faster than you think and this is not metaphoric talk it literally is. If you disagree one just has to ask an old person about his or her life and you can feel that in every word he is saying but one thing “I want to live more”, “I have not yet lived”, “and yesterday only I was a child and today…..”These are brutal truth of our lives and it can’t be helped. But see the hopelessness of our situation we are trying our best to grasp into some meaning, something to live for ,something to chase for ,something to feel worthy for ,something to fight for and relax into the situation in spite of it in the very end we all share but one equal destination:

Death with Empty hands.

Yes, we are born with empty hands, pretend otherwise while alive and again die empty hands. Death reminds us that we never had anything in the first place.


That’s everyone’s final destination.

Undercover Agent


(the whole post stands on one single fact lies are everything and truth is nothing in front of it. So if you have seen this already then stop reading the post and move on because time is precious; but if you haven’t seen or would like to revisit continue…)

Why are there so many lies in the world?  Why people like to live in delusions and like to get sucked by it? Why people are not spending hours every day even seconds on one pursuit of finding the truth? Why people aren’t doing what’s only thing that’s not so alien? Why truth must remain in the hands of the few, grails in the hands of few elites? Why truth isn’t the first thing to ask for? Why there are no subjects like Truth since nursery? Why the words of truth remains hidden and buried only in the few books which are in the end hardly read by only few. Why truth isn’t the first directive? Why since ancient history lies are always preferred over truth?

There must be some serious happening going around. There is a reason to all this and it’s because falseness is appealing a hundred fold times more appealing and pleasuring than the truth. Truth is nothing just blank plain truth. Truth gives you nothing and moreover takes from you everything, just everything. Truth is biggest sacrifice so even so-called great citizens of the past wouldn’t dare to take. None; not even Hercules would have dared to find the truth. And so Truth always remains hidden with lies, superstitions, dogmas, beliefs and all that.

Science guys think they are after the search for truth. They think to be curious enough is enough. If that is so why aren’t they curious about what they are actually doing??Why aren’t they curious enough about what they are actually thinking? What they actually believe? What they are actually doing? This surely isn’t about taking different perspective or holding a spiritual/philosophic opinion rather it’s about smashing our heads against the very thing that holds us. In the end only thing we lose is our chains. Life we have got is indeed cruel. We may pretend otherwise or cover the real with beautiful words of love and hope. It really feel great to be worthy, to be part of something, to feel real, to feel meaningful where delusions resides over us laughing at us.

The problem with truth is it asks for everything and takes away everything like a booby trap. There is a double defeat in every way on this path of truth. So, truth isn’t good not in any sense from the place we are now. I can’t and no-one can no matter what produce a strong reason in the favor of truth. So, the problem stays:


1) Not appealing

2) Takes away everything

3) Gives back nothing

4) Takes a lot of energy to reveal

5) One is left with only the obvious (and this isn’t much for many)


1) Really appealing

2) Gives you everything

3) Takes away nothing (because you didn’t have anything in the first place)

4) Also takes a lot of energy to withstand (but we don’t know anything better to do with)

5) One is left with everything that one is not

So everything is in front of us. Question is Are we doing it? The path of truth is like a razors edge where the devils of delusions are pulling us each moment from both sides. The interesting fact is truth acts like an undercover agent, once it starts to reveal it goes on revealing and nothing stays hidden from it. In spite of all this, truth is the only obvious thing to do on the planet and so why care for obvious. We have monuments to build, climb the mountains and measure the depths so why care for the obvious, truth?

Why?  …